• 07-272019
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    It has been a long time since 1996 when Jetanin was founded by a group of obstetricians specializing in infertility treatment and
    a team of scientists specializing in embryonic growth. Lead by Pol.Gen.Dr.Jongjate Aojanepong, Jetanin’s Chairman of the Board,
    Jetanin was the first to achieve success in treating infertile patients by the GIFT method in Thailand and the first to succeed in 
    helping infertile couples with sterile male counterparts have children by the “TESE/ICSI” method.
    Jetanin is a holistic center for treating infertile couples and is made up of specialists as a center for offeringcounseling to infertile
    couples with embryo laboratories, sperm analysis and preparation laboratories, genetic laboratories, normal laboratories, operating rooms, 
    in-patient rooms and a number of other units, each fully equipped with modern devices as a modern center for treating infertility with 
    instruments, equipment and technology capable of offering complete convenience to service recipients.

    专门研究胚胎生长的科学家小组。由Jetanin董事会主席Jongjate Aojanepong博士领导,